The Back-to-School Hangover!

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Summer break is over. It’s as if it never happened. Like a car shifting gears, all parents (at least in South Florida) are revving up for the academic year. I hear constant comments such as, “Can you believe the kids are going back to school” and “Where does the time go?” Some mommies and daddies are leaving their darling toddlers at preschool for the first time. Other parents are sending their children to college. My kids are entering 7th and 10th grade. And I feel like I have a back-to-school hangover! Can anyone relate? Caffeine has become my new best … Read More

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When Did I Morph from Miss to Ma’am?

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It happened for the first time at the checkout counter of the grocery store. As I always do, I intentionally placed the cold items together. Then the dry items. Followed by the “last minute I don’t really need these but they’re on sale” items. I was in my zone. (Informal research at various markets has revealed that if I do not organize my purchases, I will arrive home with a disastrous buffet. Formerly dry veggie chips will be wet, cold items will be mushy and melted, and the blueberries will roll around my previously clean trunk like mini marbles but … Read More

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AWE-gust: Living and Loving

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August. I never knew that one word, one month could so intensely impact a person. Since 1999, a pebble-sized bubble in my throat arrives in late July. By August 15, it’s a rapidly expanding water balloon waiting to burst. I walk. I listen to music. I pause and honor all of those who are living. I am grateful for the souls who are still physically on the planet. I’ve strangely and sadly lost many people I love in August. But the yearning and loss I feel for one sweet soul still surfaces. There’s a heaviness. There’s a hole. As the … Read More

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The Rainbow After the Storm

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The Rainbow After the Storm A blue sky and majestic mountains greeted me as I awakened. Birds sang their morning symphony. Organic, dark roasted coffee awaited its cream and maple syrup. (Yes. You read that right. I was introduced to the maple and java bliss during a visit to Vermont. I broke up with raw sugar and never looked back.). It appeared to be the start of a typical day in the green mountains of New England. My heart swirled with mixed emotions. I’d been gone for a few days, and I eagerly anticipated my family’s embrace. I rarely leave … Read More

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