Parenthood–Where’s the Manual?

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Parenthood. Today this one word will function as a noun, verb, and adjective. I am — GASP — intentionally breaking a grammatical rule. I imagine some of you are rolling your eyes or sighing with a “get on with it” gesture. I will in a moment. I have decided that Parenthood is officially a complete sentence, and it has also earned the capital “P.” The mere mention of this word holds multiple meanings, images, and feelings. Mothers and fathers are teachers with or without formal training and degrees. Children do not arrive with a “this is how you raise me” manual. … Read More

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The Cousin Connection

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This past week reaffirmed what I have always known to be true: It’s not the quantity of the people in our lives that matter. It is the quality. It is not about the frequency we see or speak to someone we love. It is about the wholeheartedness of the moments we spend with that person. It is the vibe you sense while you’re with them and how you feel after they leave.  I am writing this post with an abundant, grateful heart. Family from across the country gathered here in Florida to celebrate my sweet nephew. When I was pondering … Read More

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.– A Lifelong and Lasting Legacy

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I stared this week at a flashing cursor and a blank page. My mind was spinning with feelings and thoughts. Quite frankly, I could have posted multiple blogs! But I got quiet and followed my heart. Hateful, unfathomable statements continue to spew from leaders across the globe. I want to be crystal clear: This is not a political statement or a partisan piece. I am referring to humanity. I am appalled at how people treat their family, friends, peers, and strangers. I am equally horrified by the leadership, or lack thereof, in our country and abroad. It’s vile. It’s frightening. … Read More

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Let It Snow!

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Snow. Just reading that word makes some people shiver! Frosty winds have whipped across the United States during the first days of 2018. Even in Florida, a few inches of snow dusted the northern part of the state. I just returned from a blissful family retreat in Vermont. It’s entertaining to hear my fellow Floridians whine about the “freezing” weather here. But I can relate; I’m a bit chilly today, too. It sounds ludicrous but it is true! (I may or may not have put on the heat in my home for a few hours.) My kids tease me about my … Read More

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