If Laughing Burned Calories, I’d Be A Waif!

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I’ve had friends and family ask, “So what are you going to write about this week?” And my response has been the same—I am not quite sure. I am heartbroken about the tragic, horrific massacre in Parkland. My heart and head are swirling and searing. Sitting down to compose a coherent and hopefully impactful piece has been difficult to say the least. But just minutes ago, the mental fog cleared momentarily and it hit me. Laughter. I want to giggle with you today! I think we could all use a smile and levity right now. There is so much heaviness … Read More

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The Waves of Grief: A Tide Without Warning

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It comes in waves, and there’s no pattern or warning. Sometimes it washes over you quickly. Other times it’s an unexpected, high tide that engulfs you. It leaves you gasping for air. When you grieve, it’s impossible to forecast the timing or intensity of the next emotional surge. I have lost many people during various times of my life. Some left the planet peacefully. Others exited suddenly and tragically. No matter what the age or the circumstance, losing one you love hurts in ways that transcend words. A few weeks ago, my friend Suzie passed away. The following words poured … Read More

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Sunflowers–Beauty Stems From Imperfection

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Do you ever intend to exercise but something distracts you? Motivating, stretchy leggings hugged my thighs. Socks and sneakers waited for me at the door. I even wrote “afternoon walk” in my calendar on Tuesday. So what happened? While walking through the kitchen, I noticed vibrant sunflowers. They coaxed me toward them from the transparent, purple vase in which they stood. I remembered what my daughter had said to me just the day before. “Mommy, when will the flowers that I gave you open up?” I said to her, “When they are ready.” I reached into my pocket and touched … Read More

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I SWORE I’d Never Swear

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Today is the Super Bowl. Unless you’re living on a secluded island, I’m sure you already know that. I considered writing about how I love having friends gather at our home every year. My favorite parts are watching the halftime show, the creative, costly commercials, and oh yes, the football game. I had to double check who is playing the Patriots! I’m admittedly not a sports fanatic. Then I thought F#%$ that idea! I will continue last week’s post, which is called “Parenthood: Where’s the Manual?” I swore—pun intended—I would never curse. Ever. I rarely uttered a curse word even during … Read More

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