What I’ve Learned From Dragonflies

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Nature nudges us with subtle signs, if we are open to receiving the messages. I was sitting at the table with my dear Aunt Lori. We were talking about our beloved Pearly, my husband’s grandmother, who was a mentor and like a mother to me. I told Aunt Lori how much I missed Grandma Pearl. I also shared that I feel indescribable gratitude for Grandma’s presence in my life, which is an eternal, guiding light. After a heartfelt, loving hug, Aunt Lori left and I walked back to the kitchen nook. I held the photo of Pearly and smiled at her … Read More

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If You’re A Germ-A-Phobe, Wash Before Reading!

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Germs. Does reading that word immediately prompt a pump of Purell? Did you grab the Lysol can and start spraying? Or did you take a double dose of your vitamins and perhaps supplements? If you have children, most of them spend at least seven hours a day in a cesspool of bacteria. Some call it school. I refer to it as a thought-provoking Petri dish. I have a strong immune system. I think it’s a combination of a healthy lifestyle and years of working with delightful, drippy-nosed kids. My germaphobic tendencies emerged after I had my own children. This isn’t … Read More

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A Night Out With The Girls!

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The night began with a conversation reminiscent of high school. The topic: Where to eat dinner. My hi-tech friend, Lola, brilliantly suggested linking our calls as we drove. We interrupted one another during the three-way chat because we had to figure this out quickly. The defining difference? We are all in our 40s and using cell phones rather than land lines. “I thing we’ll be late and rushed if we go to that other restaurant,” I said to Lola. “I want time to hang with you and Deb. We haven’t seen each other in a long time.” “I totally agree—I … Read More

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We’ve All Been Shaken–Teens Are Using Their Voices to Awaken!

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Let’s travel back in time and visit a town called North Miami Beach. The year is 1986. A student with thick, curly hair and curious, eager brown eyes stood with her classmates on a musty cafeteria stage. This young girl proudly sang Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.” It is her 6th grade graduation from Sabal Palm Elementary school. That young, innocent girl was me. In the 1980s, my hometown was a sweet, serene city. Teenagers hung out at The Bagel Bar, Denny’s, the 163rd street mall, and baseball fields. You could even walk or bike home from school … Read More

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