I’d Like to Thank. . .

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My husband for his lifetime role as forever love, best friend, and so much more. He knows how much I love the Academy Awards, and for years, I have wanted to throw an “Oscar’s party.” I entered our kitchen and was greeted with the most endearing surprise! Red balloons floated on the counter, plastic champagne flutes flanked a plastic popcorn box, A rectangular table cloth was strategically placed on the floor (the red “carpet). I am still glowing and giggling! My first Oscar’s soiree was fabulous; it was a party of four (actually, six if you count our pups!). And … Read More

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It’s 3:41 p.m. on Monday. I haven’t felt creatively inspired this week. And how could I possibly write something more entertaining and (I hope!) engaging than Mr. Joe Biden calling my teenage son Alec? I committed to myself and my family that I’d compose and publish a blog every week. The cursor has blinked obnoxiously on a stark-white screen for the past hour. I showered, drank water, had a protein bar. I put lavender and frankincense essential oils in my diffuser. I even began to organize and purge items in my closet; I just did this a few days ago! … Read More

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An Evening With Joe Biden

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I scanned my options for the fourth time. Should I wear a suit? A dress? Or perhaps boots because it was finally cold in south Florida? I am a typically a decisive woman, and my deliberation about something so insignificant was ridiculous. Apparently I’d lost track of the time. My phone rang, which I couldn’t immediatly locate. I eventually found it; the muffled sound buzzed from my sock drawer! Oh goodness. The Uber driver was waiting for me in the driveway. Seconds later, Alec and Zoe simultaneously shouted, “Mom!! Hurry up! The Uber is outside!” As if my heart wasn’t … Read More

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