My Lunar Eclipse

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Have you felt a palpable shift in your life recently? Have a loved ones or coworkers revealed themselves in ways that initially bamboozled you? I realize this is a loaded question! I have certainly experienced accelerated shifts that required me to pivot. I have observed others acting and reacting with uncharacteristic intensity. Changes have occurred at an unusually rapid rate. I could not immediately identify what I felt, which frustrated me. So I consciously paused to ponder what I sensed. I learned more about the impact of moon cycles on our emotions. It was illuminating, fascinating, and clarified the confusion.  gazed at the luminous moon with my fur … Read More

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I contemplated my New Year’s resolutions for days. And then I thought deeply about the word “resolution.” There are several meanings beyond just making up your mind to accomplish a goal. And if we are being completely honest, who ever follows through with resolutions? I certainly do not! So welcome to 2020! I decided to pivot and enter this decade with mindful intentions! For me, this includes specific shifts in how I will choose to live, learn, and love. I often write every moment matters; all we have is now. My inner compass is calibrated. My vision is clear. I am ready. Are … Read More

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