Judgment: From Corona Shaming to Compassion

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May 21, 2020 It is mind-bending how one word has intense, widespread meaning. Words have always mattered to me. Whether written or spoken, the words we choose can heal, harm, or hurt. Living and just existing lately has been a wacky, unpredictable ride. It is exhausting and nerve-wracking to navigate this “new normal.” Well, speaking of language, what on earth IS normal anyway? If you have the answer, kindly let me know! The word that’s flitting around my head incessantly is judgment. It’s like a pesky, persistent gnat on a humid Florida afternoon. It will not quit. It will not … Read More

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Mother. A Complete Sentence.

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A light, brief, and unfamiliar twinge tickled my belly. The first few times, I thought I’d imagined this fluttering sensation. As the months passed, I understood this was the movement of life growing inside of me. What once felt like the flapping of butterfly wings morphed to kicks and pokes. I couldn’t wait to be a mother. My firstborn, Todd, arrived in early April. When I became pregnant with Zoe, I eagerly awaited that first sign of her existence. Even as a young girl, when I imagined being an adult, it always included children. I had hoped to have four. … Read More

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