Mom’s Don’t Have Time To Write: I Needed to Get Back to Caring for Myself, but First I Needed to Get Out of My Pajamas

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Dara Levan Article in Medium.
Dara Levan Article in Medium.

Can you believe I hadn’t had a proper pedicure in eighteen months? No joke. I deemed manicures and pedicures a luxury that I couldn’t indulge right now. Who has time to sit, sip, schmooze, and soak when we are all just trying to survive?

But as I have grown into motherhood and my late 40s, I’m realizing that pausing is self-care. It’s self-love. It’s self-nurturing. Don’t we need that now more than ever?

Cracked, painful feet and jagged toenails didn’t fuel this revelation. My husband did. Before I share what he said, let me be clear that I live with one of the most supportive, loving, intelligent husbands on the planet. I am a lucky woman. I don’t take a second of our life for granted. Let me also mention that I’m not easily offended.

But I know my husband quite well. He doesn’t have to speak, and I can often predict what will leave his mouth before he opens it.