A Belated Blog–Better Late Than Never!

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It’s nearly 9 p.m. My brain is barely functioning. My entire being is swirling and soaring with unprocessed emotions. Honestly? I almost skipped this week’s post. But  my 13-year-old daughter just reminded and encouraged me to write. She said, “Mommy. You have to! You made a promise to post every Sunday eve. Just do it now!” And just minutes ago, my extraordinary friend and internationally published author, Laura Duksta, reached out on Facebook. She said, “I came looking for your newest post and looks like you may be taking a break for the New Year…”

Thank you from my heart, Laura, for the love and support. Thank you to my motivating teen for holding me accountable. She’s next to me right now saying, “I’m so proud of you! This takes a lot of effort and talent. And you definitely have that!” (I’m not sure about the talent but she’s certainly right about honoring a commitment and the mindful energy that requires.) I made a promise in early August to myself and to you (my readers).

Why you may — or may not — wonder am I writing belatedly? I spent a heartfelt, soul stirring, and jubilant week with family and friends. They traveled from all over the United States to celebrate a sacred simcha with us. My daughter became a bat mitzvah this week. It was also Rosh Hashanah, our Jewish New Year. This will be one of the sweetest, happiest, and most memorable of my life.

I witnessed my little girl morph into a confident young woman. The service began with a shy, sheepish soul. The ark opened, the Torah came out, and so did my daughter’s humor and light. She flawlessly and fluently read the Hebrew words as she glanced up with her glowing, green eyes. I beamed and my eyes glistened as she for the first time garnered the courage to sing in public. She sang into the microphone rather than pushing it away as she’d done in the past. And she touched many hearts that night. (I say this not only as her mother, but many people shared this with us after the service.)

I am experiencing so many feelings that I cannot coherently express tonight. I am proud. I am blessed. I am beyond touched and grateful for all of the souls who gathered with us. The months of preparation and planning culminated in an unforgettable, love-filled weekend. I am shocked and sad it’s over. I will write about this when I return from wherever I am at the moment. I feel that I’m floating in an invisible bubble that has not reached the ground yet.

My heart and mind desperately need time to regroup, recharge, and most importantly, reflect. I want to honor and digest each morsel of this magical milestone. Right now I need to rest deeply. I will reconnect with you as always on Sunday. Until then…I wish you a week filled with love, light, and laughter.


7 Comments on “A Belated Blog–Better Late Than Never!”

  1. Like you said enjoy every morsel of life. Rejoice in the good and learn from the bad. Move onward.
    Love you

  2. Like your friend, Laura, I look forward to your posts. Yes, it was a beautiful weekend. She is a beautiful young woman and when she sang Uncle Jay and I reared up. We know it took a lot of inner strength for her to perform in front of such a large gathering of people. We want to hear more of her fantastic voice. Oxox

  3. Awwww…sister! You’ve got this, with the love and support of your family and friends. I have all the faith in you, now that you are ready, you will write, and your blog will impact many, I’m betting even millions!! I love that your daughter was cheering you on as she was celebrated!! Life… is a beautiful swirl!! Btw…I have no idea how to change my profile pic — I must’ve set this account up years ago!!! Keep Shining Sister!! And I’ll Keep Reading! Love, Love and More Love…. Laura

    1. Your words, faith, positive energy, and loving encouragement mean the world to me!!! I appreciate you! Love you more, Dara

  4. Such a beautiful service for an amazing young woman. She makes the world a better place each and every day!

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