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Do you ever feel “off” but you cannot pinpoint why? Have you sensed a shift in a relationship but there’s no specific reason? I have experienced being out of synch with myself. And I’ve also had moments in which I feel stuck.

I thought about the clearest way to describe the peaceful, fluid energy I feel when life is on course. Then I realized this does not require a lengthy explanation. For me, it is about one simple but impactful word: flow.

This weekend, I relished every second of a spontaneous staycation with my husband. We decided to go to a local resort on a whim, which is a rarity for two planners. We laughed loudly, talked endlessly, and listened deeply. We actually chewed our food before swallowing during meals! I am grateful that I married my best friend, and we already miss each other. (Go ahead. You can gag or roll your eyes now. But it’s the truth.).

Our flow can be fast or slow. It is strong, it is steady, and it is abundant. As I shared last week, there have been challenging and somber events during our twenty-one years together. Life happens. Sh*t happens. We do our best to make time to nurture our connection. It is not always easy; but it has been and always will be a priority for both of us.

Just as I am synchronous with my husband, I am also grateful when a “coincidences” happen. People often appear and cross my path at just the right time. These are not random occurrences. I used to overanalyze and block the flow when things seemed easy. Instead of building dams, I choose differently now. The turns in life’s river often lead me right to where I ought to be.

As I surrender, creative splashes of inspiration wash over me. I am connecting, creating, and going with the flow. And I am excited for the journey ahead! EVERY soul has a story.

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  1. It is amazing and I totally get this as I, too, have on/off moments where I pick up the idea and put it down. Quite often it is timing and honestly the vulnerability to distraction that has not gotten me off my a$$! I love and support this 100%! Best of everything with this great platform for everyone to share!

  2. This post really resonated with me . 39 years with my husband and best friend… our relationship ebbs and flows but throughout it all, our connection remains constant and committed! Standing the test of time ! Challenging at times but still having fun together! Thank you for sharing ! I look forward to your thoughts, observations and revelations! You inspire me

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