From Sorry To Gratitude

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Words matter more than we often realize. A word’s meaning has a horizon as vast as a smoldering sunset. Of course there are the literal, dictionary definitions. But today I am referencing how tone, intention, and context color an canvas of letters.      

When I read a message that resonates for me, I post it on social media with the hope it may touch another soul. Yesterday I experienced a sun shower of comments. I had another topic for today’s blog percolating in my mind.   

However, after realizing the impact of yesterday’s  post, you all inspired this piece! I did not write this (below); and I wish I knew who did so I could give that person credit. All it says is “Crazyhead Comics.” Thank you to whomever wrote it!  The heading is “STOP APOLOGIZING, START THANKING.” Instead of “I’m sorry I’m always late” —-> “Thank you for waiting for me.” “I’m sorry for being so sensitive.” —-> “Thank you for being accepting of me.”

You can check out the other phrases and suggested substitutions on my Every Soul Has A Story Facebook page or Instagram.     One of you remarked that it “Makes one think twice about their words and responses. Thank you.” That is precisely why I posted this message. I appreciate you, Tracy, for sharing your thoughts.      

How often do we apologize unnecessarily? There is a plethora of research that women say “I’m sorry” exponentially more times than men.      I’ve caught myself in recent years apologizing for needing the restroom on an airplane. “I’m sorry but I need to…” Seriously? When nature calls, one must answer! I’ve also heard people say “I’m sorry” when they push the wrong button on an elevator. I could list several more examples.     

So what if we shifted from sorry to gratitude? Obviously an apology is warranted if we hurt someone or make a mistake. The “sorry” to which I am referring is the misuse of that word.     

It is even deeper. Pause and ponder the way in which you use the phrase “I’m sorry.” Beneath the surface lies insecurity and shame. How often do we apologize for the idiosyncrasies that make us unique? We are called human BEINGS for a reason.      

Why not BE grateful. BE human. BE humble. And BE who you are without apology. Perhaps if we modify our language, we can also shift from remorse to appreciation. So instead of ending with “I’m sorry this isn’t my best piece” I will say, “Thank you for reading, connecting, and understanding that I am embracing imperfection.”

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