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The first time it happened, I almost missed the faint flutter inside me. If I didn’t focus inward, both literally and figuratively, I may not have noticed the unforgettable sensation of life growing inside me. My first born’s heartbeat, strong and certainly present, pulsed gently in my womb. As Alec grew (and I rapidly expanded), the beats became quicker and more insistent.

When I became pregnant with my baby girl, I eagerly awaited Zoe’s heartbeat. It had its own personality and tempo. Yesterday I hugged her closely. As she snuggled with me on the couch, I felt her teenage healthy heartbeat. I loved connecting with my kids’ heartbeats then and especially even more each day.

I not only have two human, teenage children, but I also have two fur babies. They communicate from their hearts to mine when I hold them in my arms. Izzy likes to cuddle and to be cradled. Rocky, our elder pup, prefers having his tummy rubbed and sitting on our laps. As I touched their bellies last night, the word “heartbeats” hummed in my head.

When my husband and I embrace, our hearts quicken and connect. His heart is giving, loyal, loving, and kind. I will never tire of resting my hand on his chest and feeling the miraculous movement beneath it.

All lives begin with a beat. There is a powerful connection between souls that exists when hearts beat as one. And for me, even when hearts stop beating, love never will.

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