I Sang, I Swooned, I Smiled

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I love music. It lifts me higher, stirs my spirit, and it is a universal language of the soul. The eight summers I spent at Interlochen Arts Camp furthered my connection and passion for classical, broadway and all other genres.

In fact, my husband jokes that after hearing three notes, I can usually identify the song! I sang and learned to read music; however, I feel the deepest impact on my emotional tie to tunes emerged from friendships with intriguing, interesting people. Certain melodies and lyrics wrap me in a cocoon of love and reflection.

So why do I bore with the above details? It felt appropriate to set the stage, pun intended, for what I experienced last night. I have just two words: Adam Pascal. Why did I choose the word “experience” rather than “hear?” I will explain.

As I shared earlier, music has not only lifted me higher, but it is a cradle that holds tender memories. I adored Adam in his role as Roger in the Broadway musical “Rent.” His voice is unique and powerful. I honestly went with my friend to see this show because of my near-obsession with “Rent.”

Seth Rudetsky, the hilarious actor, musician, writer, and radio host, interviewed Adam. I listen to Seth on the XM Broadway station; his body language paired perfectly with his snarky commentary. The fluid fusion of Seth’s quick witted questions and Adam’s raw responses rocked the house.

What I did not expect was the refreshing levity and laughter. What I also did not expect were the memories that trickled from my brown eyes. And I certainly did not expect that Adam’s soulful voice, demeanor, glib personality, and magnetic aura would so deeply resonate with my heart.

The teenage “Dara” surfaced. I giggled with googly eyes as Adam captivated all of us. I am a long-time, loyal fan of Bono, Sting, Adam Levine, the Indigo Girls, and several other singers/lyricists. Any of you who know me are keenly aware of my passion for those artists I admire and respect.

Adam Pascal’s earnest energy swept me away in an whoosh of honesty, hilarity, and unsurpassed talent. I seriously could not fall asleep for hours! My friend swears it was the afternoon coffee I drank. I think otherwise. A night out with my dear friend became a precious gift I will unwrap again and again.

Sometimes we need a reminder to nurture, honor, and remember who we are. I’m still smiling, singing, and to be honest, swooning. I admit that at nearly 45 years old, I have a full-blown crush.

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