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My husband for his lifetime role as forever love, best friend, and so much more. He knows how much I love the Academy Awards, and for years, I have wanted to throw an “Oscar’s party.” I entered our kitchen and was greeted with the most endearing surprise! Red balloons floated on the counter, plastic champagne flutes flanked a plastic popcorn box, A rectangular table cloth was strategically placed on the floor (the red “carpet).

I am still glowing and giggling! My first Oscar’s soiree was fabulous; it was a party of four (actually, six if you count our pups!). And the best part? I didn’t wear a tight, taut dress. I happily munched on organic feta cheese in my pajamas. My kids mocked me, of course, as I “oooohed” and “aaaahhhed” as soon as we turned on the television. I then realized that my love affair with Oscar dates back to when I was a teenager!

During commercial breaks, I shared with my family that my childhood dream was to be on stage. I spent eight glorious, formative summers in Michigan at Interlochen Arts Camp. Insert eye roll here from my honey who again jokingly said, “Last night at band camp…” as he quoted a line from …? I performed in several Gilbert and Sullivan operettas as well as danced both modern and ballet.

Then it was time for my bat mitzvah. Most of my friends chose to honor family and friends with a candle lighting ceremony at a party or gathering. I decided to give out the “Dara” awards. I am not making this up. My loved ones received small statue-like trophies inscribed with “Best Producer” and “Best Director.” I nearly forgot about this until recently; yes, this fun fact tickled my children as well.

Each one of us is an actor, director, editor, and producer in our own life’s movies. The sets vary from home to work and in between. We are sometimes required to play multiple roles, edit lines, and adjust the lighting if it’s dark or glaring. This may require us to remove certain characters, rewrite scripts, and modify interpersonal dialogue.

As Shakespeare eloquently said, ““All the world’s a stage,/ And all the men and women merely players.” Last night’s Academy Awards, with my hubby and kids gathered on our comfy couch, was my idea of a perfect evening! I still yearn to and plan on hosting a full-on, tuxes and gowns Oscar’s party one day soon. My husband’s spontaneous party will forever touch my heart.

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