If Laughing Burned Calories, I’d Be A Waif!

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I’ve had friends and family ask, “So what are you going to write about this week?” And my response has been the same—I am not quite sure. I am heartbroken about the tragic, horrific massacre in Parkland. My heart and head are swirling and searing. Sitting down to compose a coherent and hopefully impactful piece has been difficult to say the least.

But just minutes ago, the mental fog cleared momentarily and it hit me. Laughter. I want to giggle with you today! I think we could all use a smile and levity right now. There is so much heaviness and heartache in our world. Rather than focus on the sad, the bad, and the ugly, I’ve decided to laugh my a** off.

I. Love. To. Laugh. My college roommate, Robyn, often says “Don’t go to a funny movie with Dara! The entire theater can hear her cackling!” This is an absolutely true statement. I recall one time, during our junior year at Indiana University, watching a hysterical film. Robyn literally sunk into her seat in an attempt to disappear. I was roaring so raucously that she was mortified! You know someone is a true friend when this occurred more than 20 years ago, and we remain close. Thank  you, Robyn, for enduring years of embarrassment. And you are also one of the biggest reasons I finally launched my blog and website–I’m so grateful for your encouragement to do so.

I am a Broadway fanatic. And my darling husband has come to many shows with me. Early in our marriage, he turned multiple shades of red while I hooted and howled during “Avenue Q” and many other hilarious productions. I’m sure he was quite grateful for the anonymity of being in a dimly lit room!

My kids tease me, too. I’ve introduced some of my favorite comedies such as “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother” to my two teens. I finally have cohorts in the humor arena! My daughter chuckles softly, and her dimples deepen. My son is boisterous when he finds something amusing. He laughs loudly like his momma. He cracks up with his entire being. It brings me such joy to hear and watch them laugh.

A few weeks ago, I had the immense pleasure of watching “Will and Grace” with my kids and nephew. I did ask permission first, as this is clearly not the most appropriate show. Oh my gosh we roared!!!! This was my second time watching the episode. I literally started to wheeze, and no, I do not have asthma. I delighted in the comedic performance and risque lines. But what tickled me even more? Our laughter escalated and became contagious. Just witnessing people crack up until tears are streaming down their faces is heartwarming and entertaining.  

Nothing makes me happier than being the reason someone smiles. Whether it’s showing up with a surprise gift, tickling my kids ’til they can barely catch their breath, or mocking myself, I try to find humor in every moment. If laughter burned calories, I’d be a waif! The old adage “laughter is the best medicine” is true. I often tell those closest to me that we have two choices in life: To laugh or to cry.

Times can often be tough and turbulent. But I will always find a funny moment (or create one with a silly remark) because as we all know life is short. I choose spend every moment I can filled with goofiness and glee. Laughter is music for the soul.

6 Comments on “If Laughing Burned Calories, I’d Be A Waif!”

  1. Chuckling still. Love your slant on things – by the way: Laughter is also very sexy – oops! Is this a PG page???!

  2. As Erma Bombeck once said, “If laughter goes there goes civilization.” Yes laughter is needed in this world we live in. Your words ring true. ❤️

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