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A spontaneous trip to the Humane Society morphed a melancholy moment into unexpected joy. Today I would like you to meet Izzy. He is our compassionate, caring canine. No, he is not a therapy dog, although I’ve seriously considered taking him to a formal class. He is innately a salve for all souls he meets.

If you’ve been following Every Soul Has A Story, you may have already become acquainted with Izzy if you read September 2017 blog post, “IZZY—MY HEALING PUP.” https://daralevan.com/izzy-my-healing-pup/

As promised, I am now writing others’ stories, too. And Izzy has impacted not only my life, but our entire family.  I recently reread the 2017 blog; there has been a burgeoning of peace, growth, and clarity since I published that piece. So today I am sharing more about our Izzy—he certainly has a story! And his comforting, wise soul has the depth of a being who has lived centuries.

Izzy illuminated a dark, heartbreaking few days that we experienced. He joined our family four years ago after the Rosh Hashanah holiday. Izzy is sweet and soothing like the honey eaten during the Jewish New Year. We honestly had no intention of adopting an animal. This spontaneous outing was truly a trip to distract our minds and lift our spirits. I figured frolicking with cats and dogs would be a fun-filled afternoon for the kids.

After hours at the Humane Society, we met Noodle the Poodle. I am not making this up. Yes, that was actually his ludicrous name. His licorice-black, round eyes persistently peered into mine. Noodle nudged me persuasively as if he could say, “I am yours. Take me home.” He then charmed my children and husband, too. We were instantly swooning, and Izzy became the sixth member of our family.

There are no accidents—I felt yet again I’d experienced a synchronous meeting. The right canine at the right time. Noodle needed a name befitting him. I am not religious but I believe passionately in a higher power.

He was four years old, and we worried that too much change might disrupt his world even more. But we just couldn’t imagine years of “Noodle stay. Noodle sit. Noodle time for a walk!” Most importantly, Noodle deserved a name which would forever represent how he tightly he held us. He began to heal our hearts.

After much lively discussion, we decided to name him “Itzhak,” which is the Hebrew name for “laughter.” The formal word quickly became Izzy. Friends, family, and often strangers soften when they meet Izzy. Even people who are not animal lovers are smitten in seconds.

READ MORE about Izzy, his journey, and soulful story by CLICKING THIS LINK: https://daralevan.com/izzy-my-healing-pup/

Izzy now gracefully prances around our home. He is agility would inspire Olympic gymnasts! Izzy literally hops on his hind legs across the kitchen when motivated by a piece of chicken. It is an entertaining and impressive sight to witness.

He often daintily wraps his thin legs around our calves and leans his angular head onto our thighs. And it’s not just with our family! Izzy “hugs” our friends, extended family, and anyone who approaches him.

Izzy unconditionally loves all beings and gives the gift of his human-like embrace. Every time we snuggle with him, pet his soft fur, and cradle him in our arms, he soothes us with grounding, peaceful energy. He also adores our first-born fur baby, Rocky. It’s as if they’ve known each other their entire lives.

Izzy is a daily reminder for us that light illuminates the dark. And in this case? We really didn’t find him—he found us. Izzy gives infinite, unconditional love. He does not discriminate. He does not judge. He loves gently and insistently with every ounce of his 11 pound being.

Our world needs more kindness and less hate. It’s incredible how much we can learn from a precious pup who beams love and light into everyone he meets. Izzy exudes tranquil energy. He accepts and embraces all souls without uttering a word. His cozy cuddles and precious presence have blessed our lives forever.

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