My Alarm That Disarmed!

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Has anyone heard the phrase, “ADT! Always there”? I’ve heard it for years. Fortunately, it is often followed by a helpful, friendly human on the other end of the phone. However, I nearly wept with frustration after three alarming conversations in a five hour window!!!

It was the night before Thanksgiving. The smell of pie mixed with turkey permeated the house. I joyfully and eagerly anticipated one of my all-time favorite holidays. I somehow fell asleep by 10 p.m., which is unusual for me. Just about a half hour later, we awoke to an obnoxious, repetitive beeping sound. Ugggghhhh. ADT. ALWAYS. THERE.

I waited as a kind woman troubleshooted with me. She was helpful, and I gratefully hung up the phone. Then it started again an hour later. Long story short, this piercing, persistent band of beeping alarm keypads decided to perform at f****** 2:30 a.m.

This time I huffed and puffed. I called ADT, poked my husband, and handed him the phone. “I just can’t. YOU deal with this for once. PLEASE. We have twenty-four people coming over tomorrow,” I said. After cooking for hours and then having my much-needed slumber interrupted repeatedly, I was on the verge of losing my s***.

He took the phone and thankfully left the room. I, of course, was stewing and simmering like the bubbling applesauce I’d made earlier. So I joined him downstairs. We literally had to take apart the main batteries, which required tools! The kids and dogs were also awake.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and meaningful. To be honest, my entire being ached by the end of the night. I reached out to an incredible healer with whom I work. I clearly needed deep body work to decompress on all levels.

As I climbed onto the massage table, I told her about the holiday. About ten minutes into the session, the fire light flashed and a blearing noise accompanied it. I looked at her and said, “Seriously?! Is this a JOKE? This cannot be happening right now!.”

She laughed while apologizing. “They said they were testing the alarm system today, but they already did it this morning!” That’s when I realized the topic of this week’s post. As I stared at the ceiling, ideas pinged in my mind to the timing of the erratic siren.

What does an alarm signify for you? For me, it is a cue to pause, take notice, and often step back from a situation. I experienced two alarms in less than a week. There was clearly a message for me within these disarming moments.

So I listened. As I wrote about last year, 
(LINK here ?)  these “random” occurrences signaled me to slow down and breathe, both literally and figuratively. As you probably know by now, I’m blessed with a fulfilling, busy life. Self-care is something new for me; and that includes taking a break. I heard those alarms, heeded the warnings, and learned from them.

And I realized when we pause, we need to check our own alarm systems. Which zone is malfunctioning? Is it our physical body begging for a break? Does our emotional battery need to be recharged? When we listen to our soul’s signals, we can reboot our beings before the alarm sounds.

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