My Annual Mammo Meeting

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I sat, shivered, and waited for my name to be called. The light pink soft but thin fabric barely covered my chest. Grateful for the white, knee-length robe, I pulled it closer and tighter. I thought about sitting in this exact space years ago.

A woman with thick, short dark hair sat across from me. We still cannot recall who said hello first. And it truly doesn’t matter! Diana and I quickly connected. I was still practicing speech therapy at the time; this was more than a decade ago.

Why is this important? Within the first few minutes of our conversation, I learned that Diana is a bookseller and aspiring author. She’s living my dream! I told her briefly about the books in my head that I wasn’t yet ready to write. Diana listened patiently and shared deeply. We connected immediately, and we’ve been friends ever since.

I just returned from my annual “mammo meeting.” I chatted with other women today, as you’ll read about in this week’s email message. I hoped to distract them and myself with comedic commentary. We all felt uneasy. It wasn’t just baring our tatas for a stranger, who then flattens them into an unnatural, uncomfortable shape. At least for me, it was the results that I would await.

While I waited for my name to be called, I texted Diana a silly selfie and said, “Guess where I am?” She replied immediately, “Mammo-chic.” I giggled audibly and thought about how grateful I am both for my health and that our paths crossed.

I have finally reconnected with my life’s passion and purpose; I am writing and creating full-time now. And I’m beyond proud of Diana for pursuing her goal; she is now a professor at Florida International University. And I am thankful for you, Diana. I will always remember our animated conversation at the “annual meeting.” Mammograms will NEVER be the same.

I’m now in my mid-40s; today wasn’t quite as cold as the day Diana and I met. I suppose my body is starting to shift degrees. And I am grateful for that as well. I also realized today that we are NEVER alone even when we feel that we’re the only one in the room. Just pause, put down your phone, and look around.

I encourage you to reach out, smile, and connect with those around you. Kindness, caring, and connection matter. That is my intention every day, and it is how I choose to live. I hope you will join me. You never know how a chance meeting with a stranger can morph into a meaningful friendship.

3 Comments on “My Annual Mammo Meeting”

  1. I must have missed this as we were away traveling back when you shared this one. I love it seemed that your connection really inspired and gave you the insight to where you want to be—go, set yourself free, just do it!

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