My Lunar Eclipse

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Have you felt a palpable shift in your life recently? Have a loved ones or coworkers revealed themselves in ways that initially bamboozled you? I realize this is a loaded question! I have certainly experienced accelerated shifts that required me to pivot. I have observed others acting and reacting with uncharacteristic intensity. Changes have occurred at an unusually rapid rate. I could not immediately identify what I felt, which frustrated me. So I consciously paused to ponder what I sensed. I learned more about the impact of moon cycles on our emotions. It was illuminating, fascinating, and clarified the confusion.

 gazed at the luminous moon with my fur babies, Izzy and Rocky, the night after the eclipse. I’ve always been intrigued by nature’s impact on people. The lunar eclipse on January 10 was a catalyst for revealing and accelerating situations in our lives. After reading more about this topic, I viewed certain interactions in the past as well as recently in a different light.

Ironically, I received a series of abrupt, shocking texts last week. Hunches became affirmations and questions were answered. It rocked my center in a way I have not felt in years. My energy felt funky and foggy. I wrote, processed, and finally realized that my eclipse sparked the next level of transformation and growth. And I am grateful.

As I continued to explore this phenomenon, I connected the “celestial” dots. My personal insights, reflections, and revelations inspired today’s message. Dealing with discomfort and delving deeply into truth is tough work. But I also understand it builds soul stamina. It is another lesson in trusting myself and that all is as it ought to be. When old doors close it is because new ones are about open. Have you experienced uncharacteristic intensity or sudden clarity? I sure have! As always, I would love to hear from you! Please connect with me at and share your stories.

After a revealing week, I now view the moon as a metaphor for life. Just as the Earth dims the moon’s glow during an eclipse, each of us will face times  and situations in which our light is blocked.
*Our life journeys are cyclical. All beings have a shadow side; and it requires awareness to recognize it.
*Individual views, angles, and lights of others are dynamic.
*Some people live in the dark. Others illuminate the planet.
*When our light is temporarily obscured, it is not extinguished. We must seek it within ourselves.
*As Heraculitus said, “Change is the only constant in life.”
Thank you from my heart to yours for your loving, continual connection. And I wish you a week filled with joy, illumination, growth, love, and health! I look forward to learning about and writing YOUR stories. You can connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, or email (

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