Newsletter: A Magical Memory

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I hope you had a meaningful Thanksgiving. This can be a tough time as we enter the holiday season. A time of paradoxical emotions. Gratitude and grief. Joy and pain. Celebration and contemplation. All the feels.

As we begin the last month of 2021 (someone tell me how this is possible?!), I’ve been reminiscing and reflecting. A few months ago, I had an opportunity to meander around the campus of Interlochen Center for the Arts. Eight amazing, musical summers in which I sang, danced, wrote, and most of all, connected with other young souls. 

I walked by this grassy space I hadn’t thought about in ages. The one and only time I’ve ever seen a meteor shower, decades ago, was the night we slept on the Opera Field. No tent, just blankets, and snuggled in sleeping bags amongst majestic pines. It was just me and a bunch of other bunk mates.

And it inspired this week’s Soul Story video, which is linked here or below.

Nature’s laser light show. Shooting stars. Maybe we even saw a comet. I don’t remember, but what I do remember, is that it was magical. It’s stayed with me my entire life. Tucked within my heart. Have you ever witnessed a meteor shower?

I’d love to hear about a moment from your childhood or now. Something out of your comfort zone. Something magical. Something that’s awe-inspiring.

My wish for you this week is to create. Create something so inspirational that you’re utterly, blissfully present. And you can’t be anywhere else but right where you are.

Click HERE to watch this week’s Soul Story.

Speaking of miracles and inspiration, Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah, Hanukah, or however you choose to spell it!). May your heart and home radiate light. And may the Shammash, the middle “helper” candle, be a reminder to share, kindle, and spread it.

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