Newsletter: In Silence There Is Time For Reflection.

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Soul Story (noun / sohl sto•ry) A feeling or thought that inspires me. Please keep reading and listen to a recent Soul Story, a moment from a few weeks ago. It felt fitting to share it today.

My intention was to go for a walk, and that didn’t happen. (Does just wearing workout clothes count?). I felt a bit blah–physically, emotionally, mentally. Can you relate?

It’s almost like a holiday high while my house was full with family, food, fun, and connection. Now it’s quiet. Our dogs even seem mellow. And in that silent space is time for reflection.

I love the month of December. I love the merriment. I love the festivity. But my heart held happiness, heaviness, and more.

Normally I would go out outside and immerse myself in nature. Eventually I did. But first I went inward. I needed to be with my feelings and lean into them. I am a perpetual optimist. Yet I felt pensive and sluggish. I figured if I’m feeling this way, then maybe someone else is as well.

My wish for you this week is to sit with whatever emotions surface. And know that you’re not alone. Speaking of the holidays…

A Heartfelt Gift

Liquid gratitude streamed down my cheeks. Have you ever received an unexpected, heartfelt gift that touched you at a soul level? That happened to me yesterday. 

The kind woman, Karen, who watches our pups when we travel knocked on my door. She greeted me with a red plaid box that read, “May your days be furry and bright” with the most adorable dogs on it.

A totally unnecessary gift. Are any material gifts truly necessary? Anyway, I opened it guessing it may be a dog toy. Boy was I wrong.

Karen individually wrapped photos that she had taken and framed of our pups. Back when our eldest fur baby, Rocky, was still with us.

I love giving gifts and writing to people as an expression of gratitude. Receiving? Not so much. (That’s for another day). 

So this heartfelt surprise absolutely astonished and reached a part of me that perhaps was stuck when I recorded the Soul Story (above). Tears that didn’t release that day cascaded down my cheeks as I held the 5 x 7 matte-gold frames.  

Karen took the time to sift through images she’d captured of our fur babies. She printed the photos with such loving intention. And my heart is full. 

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