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I’m grateful to those who have trusted me to share their stories. It’s been an honor and privilege to do so. Each person, each story, each time is sprinkled with surprises. When I was a journalist years ago and now during the podcasts I host. 

Speaking our truth not only sets us free. But it fosters connection and compassion. And it affirms that no matter what our trials, triumphs, and moments in between, we are not alone. 

The latest Every Soul Has a Story podcast episodes, infused with positivity, humor, and depth, have lingered with me long after the conversations ended. And I hope they resonate with you as well.

My most recent guests, two wise, impactful women, shared openly about their journeys, debut novels, and life’s happenings. Kindly click on the images below to listen. 


Robin Farmer, author of the award-winning novel “Malcolm and Me”  is a journalist, seasoned speaker, and storyteller. She pursued her passion at a young age and continues to write about complex issues with accuracy and authenticity. In our conversation on Tuesday, Robin discussed the themes of her debut novel, including empathy, forgiveness and empowerment, and the emotional truths she pulled from for inspiration.

We also talked about racism, antisemitism, and other “isms.” Robin shared the appalling, disturbing experience she had as a young girl. And that facts are often woven throughout fiction. Can any authors relate?

“I was 11 when I saw
racism and religion collide
at the hands of one
flawed bride of Christ,
and it changed my life.”

– Robin Farmer


Ali Wenzke, author of “The Art of Happy Moving: How to Declutter, Pack, and Start Over While Maintaining Your Sanity and Finding Happiness” is a Florida Native and current resident of Chicago by way of MA, MD, OH, CA, and TN.  She is a lover of chocolate chip cookies and helping people with fresh starts. In our conversation, we discussed her expertise in realty and organization as well as her step-by-step journey to creating the joyful life she lives now. 

“I look back at everything
I’ve done in the past and
it always led to something else.
It all adds up to whatever
the next adventure is.”

– Ali Wenzke

My wish for you this week is to find joy and momentum. Make time to play. Be spontaneous. Be in the moment. Just. Be.

When’s the last time you played?

Please click below and listen to my latest Soul Story. 

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