Newsletter: The Good, The Grief, And The Space Between.

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I didn’t understand as a young girl what “living with gratitude” meant. Did any of us?

As I reflect on the good, the grief, and space between, gratitude has been a constant. No wonder Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. (The food is also decadent, delish, and utterly divine.)

For me, gratitude isn’t just a one day feast or buzz word. It’s a daily practice and perspective. And it’s been challenging this year in epic ways. I am sharing this photo today for a reason. It’s not a random selfie, but rather a snapshot of a recent moment in which gratitude infused every cell of my being.

I took this picture just after our final Soul Gathering Space in October. I’m honored to have shared and convened with incredible people. Some of us are empty nesters. Others are changing careers. A few are shifting seasons. Many of us are writers. And a reminder how strangers can and do become friends.

Women from across the country gathered online. Empathy, honesty, and compassion connected us. I provided weekly, thematic prompts from which we dove deep—together. I had high hopes for our meetings, but honestly had no idea the immense impact we’d collectively feel.

You showed up for yourselves and for each other. Your vulnerability, trust, and open sharing inspired me. Carving an hour in the evening is no easy feat. I honor your commitment and kind hearts.

Thank you to my podcast guests, author community, and the friendships that began on digital social platforms and continue to blossom. I can’t wait to meet in person soon! 

And yesterday was our 24-year “meet-a-versary”— the unforgettable night I met my husband. The kids are home — my nest and heart are full. My favorite medley, laughter and conversation, is reverberating within our house.

Thursday we all came together in person. Thanks to the healthcare and science community, we didn’t have to sit outside. Thanks to the weather, we chose to.

How have you found gratitude this year (or, did it find you)? Reach out either here or on social media. I’d love to hear from you.

From my heart to yours,

Dara 💜

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