Retail therapy and the Costco Coma

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Do you ever enter a store with the focused, frugal intention of only purchasing one item? However, tantalizing BOGO signs coax you toward aisles that seem animated. Shiny items shimmy on shelves as if saying “buy me—I’m the deal of the day!”

I am asking these questions for a friend. She first noticed this phenomenon after becoming a first-time mother. A trip to Costco for paper towels and diapers became a way too long excursion. Free samples peppered every corner of the store. Suddenly the sparse shopping cart escalated to a mountain of “must have” items of madness! Somewhere between the entrance and exit, I totally zoned out. I have endearingly called this the Costco Coma.

And how about the innocent trips to Target for summer bathing suits or workout clothes? My “friend” once told me she reached for the embarrassingly lengthy receipt. She shoved it into her purse because the white and red plastic bags were already overstuffed. I call this strange phenomenon the Target Trance.

I could write pages and pages about moments we have all experienced; I tease my friends (and myself!) frequently about retail therapy. We’ve all been there and done that.

It occurred to me that sharing these thoughts today may be timely. An irritating and persistent flood of Black Friday emails have invaded my inbox. Cyber Monday advertisements are shoving aside and deliberately deleting Friday’s deals like covert, calculated bullies.

Even as I write this blog, I am constantly being interrupted by messages such as “Hurry! Offer ends in two hours” and “Last chance to use your coupon!” and “Doorbusters!” I prefer the Giving Tuesday emails that are starting to appear.

And to be honest? I have a confession: I shopped at an outlet store on Saturday. I purchased fabulous gifts for friends and family. I also bought practical shoes for my kids. Truth be told, I definitely got deals! I do wonder what we ought to call the Thanksgiving Saturday and Sunday shopping sprees.

While I realize this post is rather silly, I feel it’s time for some laughter and levity. I’d love to hear about your indulgent and less-than-mindful moments. Every soul DOES have a story! What is yours? Please flood my inbox with your mindless shopping stories.

Most importantly, I hope you and your loved ones had a meaningful and love-filled holiday. Our carts may be full as well as our bellies. But most of all, my heart and soul are bursting with gratitude for a family weekend well spent.

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