Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean Total Isolation

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You have been on my mind and in my heart. It’s been a tough few weeks, and I realize it is just the beginning of a new normal for all of us.  We are all dealing with adapting and adjusting in our own ways.

I wrote numerous blog posts and messages for today. We’ve had to shift how we live. It felt timely to also change the way in which I communicate with you.

I’ve heard from many people that the bombardment of news, articles, and updates is emotionally overwhelming. And I totally relate. I’ve rapidly realized that panic can be nearly as contagious as this virus.

I have decided to give myself intentional time outs. No technology or talking. During these times, I walk, write, meditate, or simply breathe. I encourage you to carve space in each day to release your stress and anxiety.

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My intention since 2017 is to reach and connect with souls globally. We need connection now more than ever; I deeply appreciate your engagement.
I feel grounded when connecting with nature. Whenever I travel, or even walk in my neighborhood, I often take brief videos of a moment that speaks to me. Then I share it with others. I have been doing this for decades.

Last week I sat by a lake. The water calmed my nerves. I made a quick recording and sent it to a few friends. They said it made them feel peaceful.

So today I created this brief Every Soul Has A Story meditative video. I hope you feel my love and support. You can watch and listen to it on Facebook or Instagram.

Please share with others if you found it calming. I am hugging you from here!
My hope is to foster a caring, inspiring, and authentic online community. I look forward to learning about and writing YOUR stories. You can connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, or email (

With love and gratitude,

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