Thank You From My Heart to Yours!

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On August 2, 2017 I launched Every Soul Has a Story. What began as a simple blog has morphed into a movement of connection and engagement. Today I want to thank each of you for your readership and more.

I committed to myself that I’d write and post weekly. I honestly did not know if I could fulfill this promise! Friday marked the two year blogiversary! With each passing week, my fear of being vulnerable has shrunk, and my courage has expanded.

I’ve wanted to be a writer/author since I could speak, which was quite young! I became a speech pathologist, and although I loved working with children and their families, I now realize that was a detour from my path and purpose. The process of rerouting and reconnecting with my lifelong passion has been invigorating! There have been several unexpected emotional jams. There have been roadblocks and even fender benders. And there have certainly been a few crashes.

I am and continue to be grateful for it all. The tears, trials, and tumult forced me to pause even when I did not want to feel the discomfort that’s necessary for personal and creative growth. I’ve learned to sit with emotions that I’d previously dismissed and denied. To move forward with clarity, I needed to stand still in my own inner traffic and clear the road for the next chapter. (Stay tuned for renovations and construction in upcoming months!)

Thanks to each of you for your readership, interaction, and feedback. I honor and acknowledge your significant impact. I couldn’t have done this without you!

Most of all, I am deeply grateful for my husband and two teenage children. They’ve been and will always be a source of inspiration. And I deeply appreciate their candor and support. They and many dear friends have fueled my tank when I was running on empty. Today’s post is for YOU.

From my heart to yours,


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