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From the Womb to the World by Dara Levan

The wind whipped dust and deposited it on my massive mini-van. I wondered for the umpteenth time why I chose white. The seatbelt seemed tighter today, squeezing me as I approached my destination. I shifted gears, put the car in park, and reached for my purple purse. Then I heard an urgent, unfamiliar voice interrupt the music.

It was 9:02 a.m. My stomach tightened. I gripped the wheel. My breathing became shallow and rapid. And I seriously thought I may go into early labor. My clammy, trembling hand dialed his number.

“Have you heard the news?” I wailed. “This. Can’t. Be. True.”  Through sobs and gasps, I clutched my belly. I said to my husband, the voice on the other end of the phone, “How can we bring a baby into this sick, twisted world?”

It was 9/11. The first plane had struck the tower. And we lived in the sixth borough: Florida. Yet I swear I heard the screams and smelled the smoke from here.

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