What Are Your Anchors?

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We cannot control or change what transpires around us. We can, however, choose how we respond to our external environment. Does this sound cliche and like a freshman intro to psychology course? I certainly hope not because I’ve “been there and done that!”

Today I want to share something I learned recently. It’s personal for me; and I am again feeling vulnerable by publishing it. But I sense it may resonate with and hopefully help you navigate life’s curveballs. And my heart-centered intention with Every Soul Has A Story is to connect souls globally.

This will be the first entry of a three-part series about anchors. You may imagine a heavy, grounding image. Or perhaps your mind sails away and conjures a nautical scene. The anchors about which I am speaking are those intangible forces that hold you steadfast; when your world gets rocked by a sudden death, illness, or other unexpected tidal wave. These anchors are the “no matter what happens I am and will be ok.” 

Sometimes we don’t know what anchors exist until our stability is shaken. And others do not have anchors to prevent their life boats from capsizing. We ALL have access to anchors. It’s a matter of being mindful and identifying them before a crisis or tragedy happens.

My first of three anchors is connection. It fuels my entire life. I am not referring to my phone being charged or a strong internet signal. Connection and connecting refers to how I choose to interact with those around me. I used to think this required constant conversation and verbal banter. But connection is often felt in the quiet moments.

Consider an early walk alone or a hike at dusk. Last week I awoke at 3 a.m. After an hour of restlessness and agitation, I hoisted myself from the bed and out the door. I connected with nature. I watched as the world woke up, and the sun changed from a muted orange to fiery yellows and pinks. The sky became a canvas upon which the rising sun painted its morning masterpiece.

I require a solid amount of sleep to be functional and pleasant. Interestingly, I felt alert and energized despite little rest. The hour of solitude, connecting with nature and myself, clearly charged my inner battery.

Connection with others is and has always been immensely important to me. I am grateful for honest, loving, and connected days with my husband while we spent time in Vermont. We cherish and nurture our relationship as we share openly and freely. We also connect through touch, listening, and making time for us.

I enjoy connecting with strangers who become friends as well as those with whom I only meet once. Connection through writing has been a steady, supportive way for me to connect with both myself and others. Connection with music, stories, books, dancing, and humor are other ways this anchor grounds and heals my heart when needed.

Connection holds me steady when the waters around me are not. I am certain that connecting with myself and others is a lifetime anchor. What are your anchors? How do you survive your challenging, turbulent times? I would love to hear from you! And I look forward to connecting with YOU next week.

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