Newsletter: Where Do You Seek Solace?

Dara LevanBlog, Every Soul Has A Story

Dara Levan Vermont Recreation Path 2021

Revise. Edit. Tweak. Overthink. Write. Excavate. Repeat. I love being in the flow. It’s tough to step away. Yet when I do, much becomes clear.  How was your week?

I couldn’t center myself after hours of writing. Weird, too, because I write to process, connect, and sift through emotions. When I get into a creative flow, I go somewhere else. Like a different dimension in which I let go. But this time, it wasn’t that sort of floaty feeling. It was something different that I couldn’t quite identify.

Rather than a release or a whoosh of inspiration, I felt jumpy and off kilter. Strange. And it rocked me. I needed my salve. Trees, roots, flowers, air. Nature.

So I parked my car before starting my walk. Turned off the engine. And stayed put. I realized that what I’d written stirred my psyche. Then I thought, I can’t be alone in this feeling of unrest. And it inspired this week’s Soul Story (below).

In this brief chat, I share about how it’s taken me much of my life to sit with feelings. To lean into the discomfort rather than veer away from it. To honor the whispers (sometimes shouts!) from within my heart. As I shared last week, I’m diving deep these days. It can hurt. It resurrects the past. But it is liberating and freeing in ways I didn’t know I needed.