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  • 5/2/18

    Good morning. I just read your latest blog and can’t believe the how relevant it is for me at this very moment. I was literally sitting in an uber this morning on my way to the airport to go to Arizona to meet my closest college friends to celebrate our 50th bdays while thinking about the fact that I am missing a dear childhood friend’s simcha in NY.  I wish there was some way I could do both. 

    Thank you for another meaningful blog. I look forward to reading them every week. Still can’t stop thinking about last weeks’ “what I gained from loss.” Xoxo

    Susanne H.

  • 5/17/18 Dara, this is your best yet. As you unleash your pain and open up, you are becoming more and more authentic and real with your writing. Watching you unfold your wings and fly has been a privilege for me. You are doing it—making the transition from the dark to the light, as you said. Keep going, dear Dara!🦋💐💜🌈🦋💐💜🌈 This does not mean your writing hasn’t always been authentic. What I mean is that the more you speak your truth, the more powerful your writing becomes. -Merle S
  • 5/5/18 I love that sharing!!! Powerful! You are learning so much. When you’ve talked about that you miss use, do you just don’t reach people like this sort of thing. You are finding your calling. You’re finding what happens when usually do dig deep and come from the soul and would let you share and that it came each other’s right at their soul level. -Julia J.
  • 7/30/18 You just described an introvert by nature who was taught somewhere along the line to serve others in whatever way presents itself. That’s a taught skill. I learned that when Leadership Florida gave us the Meyers Brigs test. Also, cherish the friend you really laugh with. When you lose them you lose that kind of laughter. I love your blogs. They make me think which the older I get can be painful ...I’m kidding about the painful part. Gale B.
  • 9/2/18 You are such a great’s as if I am there experiencing every feeling you are....truly terrific, Dara. I love reading your stories of life! xo Joy S.
  • 9/3/18 Awwwww. I have to work tomorrow and here I am ugly crying hugging my own reminiscences. Thanks for letting me give myself license to reach back to remember ... "We laughed until we had to cry- and lived right down to our last goodbye ..." Thanks DaraLevan for the emotional onion-peeling you evoke each week. ....I end with my favorite reminiscent last line, 'The only truth I know is you". Marcia B.
  • 9/11/18 This was beautiful Dara, what a powerful way to start the New Year. I wish you continued strength, clarity, love and the ability to forgive. These are some of your most beautiful qualities! -S V
  • 9/24/18 You describe the feelings so well and with searing precision which is deeply inspirational given the numbness that presents at the outset of such a loss. I lost my dad when he had just turned 48, leaving an indelible scar. Please accept my sympathy. We all must continue on the journey - there is nothing else. —Tony A.
  • 10/18 “Thanks for sharing your soul with us! Your honesty and heartfelt blogs make a difference!” —Barry S
  • 10/18 Dara I can’t contain my emotions when I read your writing. I needed that more than I knew myself. Nothing makes me feel “better” but to know our thoughts are aligned and these emotions and this “process” is the same for someone else, somehow makes me feel a little bit calmer. Especially today, an extra difficult one. 💜 You’re an incredible mom, thank you for being so damn real... —Michele S.
  • 11/18 The words you spoke touch my heart. I thank you very much. Well said. Lillian W.
  • 2/19 That was a “Soul Beautiful” story. I enjoyed every line. Thanks for sharing! Jaye R.
  • Everything you said was so true. Love to read your stories. Rita W.
  • 4/19 I can relate to everything you happy you accepted help...not easy, I know. JoAnne S.
  • 5/23/19 This is insightful and so necessary today omg I should post it on my mirror! Today you’ve done yourself proud Dara-you hit the nail square on the head-and everyone that reads this carefully will surely benefit many times over 😉 —Julia S.
  • 5/19 Your blog post. You are such an amazing writer. I could actually feel the emotions and feelings you were writing about. You truly have a gift. —Jeremy L.
  • 5/19 You have the gift to write with such expression! Thank you for inviting us into your world. Rosemary E. What a gift you have for helping us learn. This (blog post) is wonderful.
  • 6/11/19 In times of storms in your life, it is when you find out who your loyal anchors are. Personally, I feel so blessed to have a village of special people in my life that have carried me through. My other anchors are gardening, meditation, music and most importantly my granddaughters and daughters. Btw I also got up today at this ungodly hour. But was greeted by your wonderful story. Keep up your beautiful stories. —Patti. S
  • 8/19 Luv reading your blog!!!! Heartfelt, deep, insightful, filled with humor when appropriate, inspirational, vulnerable, courageous and authentic. I could go on, but it’s just “pure Dara!” Thank you for sharing your stories with us!! —Laurie S.
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Thank you for your interest in my life, writing, and journey. I invite you to connect with me; I am thrilled you are here! I hope you resonate with the words and stories within this online community. 

My desire to impact others through writing began as a young girl. When my grandmother lived in a nursing home, I interviewed the residents and wrote their stories. I was 13 years old at the time and living in my hometown, North Miami Beach, Florida.

My passion for communicating and connecting with others continued throughout high school. I earned a B.A. in English and minor in Journalism at Indiana University. Those four years included profound transformation and awareness. The summer before my senior year, I worked as a reporter at the Dayton Daily News and was told to cover a murder. Why did they give me, the arts/features reporter, such a scary assignment? I will never forget those weeks. As is often the case in life, the unexpected moments can become catalysts for growth.

I decided to pivot. I returned to South Florida and earned a M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This was a detour from my authentic path and purpose, which has become clear in the past few years. Interestingly, while I was a student at Nova Southeastern University, I edited various papers and publications. While practicing as a speech therapist, I also edited several books.

But I didn’t fully return and recommit to my life’s work until 2017, when I launched my blog, Every Soul Has A Story. The journey is all about the people we meet along the way. I have written and published weekly for more than two years. And with every passing week, self doubt has dissipated as I live my truth and embrace vulnerability. I’ve realized that we can write and rewrite our own stories. And nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know to help us grow. 

Creating, inspiring, and giving brings me joy. In addition to writing, I have served my community in various roles for several decades. 

The greatest sources of inspiration often come from my incredible husband and children during our travels, adventures, and unexpected moments. When I am not writing, you can find me hanging with my two dogs, walking in nature, taking photos, and connecting with friends who are family. 

I live my life with passion and on purpose. My intention is to impact others with integrity, love, and word at a time.


My hope is to foster a caring, inspiring, and authentic online community. I look forward to learning about and writing YOUR stories.


Hello and thank you for joining me. Every Soul Has a Story is an accepting, welcoming, and accessible space in which all visitors should feel at home. You can read stories here that have been gifted to me by souls around the world. It is an honor and a privilege to share others’ journeys. And I hope you connect with our caring, authentic community.

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I live my life with passion and on purpose. My intention is to impact others with integrity, love, and meaning . . . one word at a time.


I live my life with passion and on purpose. My intention is to impact others with integrity, love, and meaning . . . one word at a time.